Kudos to the Federal Government, Treasury Board President Stockwell Day and Canadian Heritage Minister James Moore for stepping in to swiftly bring the debate of changing the name of Stanley Park to an end. As I said on the Bill Good Show on Monday morning this issue had the potential to divide the city and […]

Children’s farmyard, Bloedel Conservatory face reprieve By Frank Luba, The Province May 4, 2010 The Vancouver Parks Board has received four proposals to keep the Bloedel Conservatory operating and another two proposals aimed at continuing the Children’s Farmyard in Stanley Park. The proposals were all received before the Friday deadline. Ian Robertson, Non-Partisan Association parks […]

Okay, okay I couldn’t resist but in an amazing turn of events it looks like my colleagues “across the table” are re-considering their decision to permanently close the Bloedel Conservatory and Children’s Farmyard in Stanley Park. On Tuesday December 8th Park Board Commissioner Aaron Japser issued the following press release… FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Media Release […]

Just returned from a week away on business and came home to over 115 e-mails in my in-box all expressing opposition to the cuts to the park board budget and the impending closure of the Bloedel Conservatory and Children’s Farmyard in Stanley Park.  There is a huge groundswell of support to keep these two icons open.  […]

As some of you may know when I am not wearing my park board hat I work for a fabulous company, Rocky Mountaineer.  Business travel back east is taking me out of town for the next four days which means I will not be able to attend the Council meeting on Thursday night and speak […]

On Nov 25 my four Vision Vancouver Park Commissioner colleagues voted to accept the reduction of $2.8 million to the park board’s budget.  Myself along with Commissioners Stuart Mackinnon and Loretta Woodcock voted against the cuts.  I did not support the motion as the park board is being unfairly targeted – the park board is being asked to cut its budget […]

So where and what should we cut?  Much has been written in the media about the $61 million shortfall to the city’s budget.  The challenge for the park board will be to determine what the depth and breadth of the cuts to the park board budget will be.  As I stated on NW earlier this […]

Well I guess it was only a matter of time before I created a blog to talk about Park Board and general city issues that affect us all so without a fancy launch party at some cool restaurant, welcome to the launch of my blog. When I first got elected in 2005 I made a […]

“There comes a point in our lives, where we should all give back to the community.” Since first being elected to the Vancouver Park Board as Commissioner in 2005, Ian has advocated strongly for improved sports facilities with particular emphasis on increasing the number of artificial turf fields in Vancouver. As a father of two […]