NPA Park Commissioner Ian Robertson says critical summer programs for children are being cut while homeless chickens are looked after Vancouver, BC – Park Commissioner Ian Robertson is questioning Vision Vancouver’s priorities as summer programs affecting hundreds of families across the city are cut. Full-time summer programs at parks such as Burrardview Park are being […]

So where and what should we cut?  Much has been written in the media about the $61 million shortfall to the city’s budget.  The challenge for the park board will be to determine what the depth and breadth of the cuts to the park board budget will be.  As I stated on NW earlier this […]

Well I guess it was only a matter of time before I created a blog to talk about Park Board and general city issues that affect us all so without a fancy launch party at some cool restaurant, welcome to the launch of my blog. When I first got elected in 2005 I made a […]

“There comes a point in our lives, where we should all give back to the community.” Since first being elected to the Vancouver Park Board as Commissioner in 2005, Ian has advocated strongly for improved sports facilities with particular emphasis on increasing the number of artificial turf fields in Vancouver. As a father of two […]