Since being elected to Vancouver’s Park Board in 2005, Ian may have been the most interviewed elected official in Vancouver. While serving as Chair of the Park Board during the storms that devastated Stanley Park in late 2006 and 2007, Ian’s journal noted over 153 media interviews and countless phone calls from journalists the world over.

Of course this was just one of the many issues Ian would be interviewed on over these last 3 years while serving the citizens of Vancouver on  behalf of its’ parks. Here are just a few of the various articles featuring Ian.

Parks board’s independence in city’s crosshairs

Vancouver Courier
March 24, 2010
By Sandra Thomas

The Vancouver Police Board hires the city’s police chief while the Vancouver Public Library board chooses its own director. But when it comes to hiring a new general manager for the park board, the city insists that while it will consider all suggestions, the final word on the new boss ends with the city manager….Read more

Parks board chief fears loss of autonomy

Metro Vancouver
March 22, 2010
By Jeff Hodson

A Vancouver Parks commissioner is worried that Canada’s only elected parks board may lose some of its autonomy if city hall helps choose its new general manager.

NPA commissioner Ian Robertson said having city manager Dr. Penny Ballem involved in the hiring and management of the new parks GM is “a recipe for disaster.”…Read More

Parks board probes city for potential plug-in stations

Vancouver Courier
July 10, 2009
By Sandra Thomas

NPA parks commissioner Ian Robertson wants parks staff to explore possible locations at park board buildings and community centres where plug-in stations can be installed for the recharging of electric cars… Read More

Park board should fight cuts says commissioner Robertson

Vancouver Province
April 9, 2009
Christina Montgomery

Should the parties controlling the Vancouver parks board be fighting harder against the city’s plan to cut $1.9 million from the park budget? Ian Robertson, the board’s lone NPA commissioner thinks so…Read More

NPA says Vancouver park board not fighting cuts

Georgia Straight
April 9, 2009
Carlito Pablo

While the police are getting  a free run at the trough, the Vancouver park board is being starved, as it has taken an unprecedented $1.9-million cut in its operating funds this year… Read More

Park board targets private contract

Vancouver Courier
February 27, 2009
Sandra Thomas

The park board could face a lawsuit if it reverses a decision made last November to award a contract to a private wedding company for the operation of the Celebration Pavillion in Queen Elizabeth park… Read More

Vision party falling apart at the seams

24 Hours Vancouver
February 27, 2009
Alex G. Tsakumis

The regime change in Vancouver, I thought, would better us.

There would be an end to the enduring partisan horse manure and the city I am passionately in love with would, indeed, see brighter days.

Well, I’m a little worried again… Read More

Park commissioners defend charter amendment

Vancouver Courier
January 21, 2009
Sandra Thomas

NPA parks board commissioner Ian Robertson denies a proposed amendment to the Vancovuer Charter on signs and advertising in city parks and community centres would translate into increased corporate presence… Read More

Ian Robertson receives BCIT award

Business in Vancouver
September 23-29, 2008

Ian Robertson has worked tirelessly to advance his career and give back to the community and city that he loves.  First elected to the Vancouver Park Board in 2005, Ian served his first term as vice chair, second term as chair, and returned to vice chair in the the third term leading up to the civic election in November 2008… Read More

New hope for rec centre

The Province
September 11, 2008
Christina Montgomery

Vancouver Parks board is optimistic – and residents near Trout Lake are ecstatic – that the city seems poised to restore $20 million in funding to renew the neighborhood’s community centre… Read More

SFU professor questions Vision Vancouver brand

The Vancouver Courier
August 29, 2008
Sandra Thomas

While some political observers might believe the number of hopefuls seeking a Vision Vancouver nomination is a sign of the party’s popularity, political analyst Kennedy Stewart has another theory… Read More

Logging trees the right move

The Vancouver Courier
July 9, 2008
Allen Garr

Critics filling the auditorium at Killarney Community Centre Monday night denounced the park board’s plan for Queen Elizabeth Park as a “chainsaw massacre.”  But look beyond the hysteria and you will find a modest effort to deal with years of neglect and restore a number of view corridors to the city’s highest point of land…Read More