Relax Everyone … Relax

I’ve been watching and reading with a measured level of disappointment and disgust at the negative comments heaped upon Green School Trustee Janet Fraser for her decision to support Christopher Richardson as the new Chair of the Vancouver School Board.

Photo courtesy of the Vancouver Courier

Let me be clear from the outset, my comments are not based on my political alignment with Christopher but more from having been Chair of the Vancouver Park Board.

First off, I don’t know Patti Bacchus personally and on some issues I have not shared her views. She has been a strong proponent of students in Vancouver and I applaud her for that, however after six years it has come time to change the voice.

Some people have been critical of the selection of Christopher because he came ninth in votes while Patti came first. That should have no bearing on who should be Chair. In my opinion the Chair selection should be based on who is the best person to lead the Board at ‘that time’. I say ‘that time’ as situations change and sometimes you need a different leader.

To say Christopher lacks experience is utter nonsense. I would argue he has more experience at Board and community governance than Patti did when she became Chair. Christopher is a three-term Park Commissioner, former President of the Mt. Pleasant Community Centre Association and a prior member of the task force selected to develop a new joint operating agreement between the park board and community centre associations. He is a successful financial consultant and a traffic authority constable in his “spare time”. Christopher is more than qualified to be the Chair of the Vancouver School Board.


One Response to “Relax Everyone … Relax”
  1. James Green says:

    Please stop the rude and mean spirited comments about the Green trustee or the new chair and get to what is important. We all have the right to vote as we see fit and that is democracy.
    Now that the election is over and the selection of the board chair is final let us judge the board, Green or NPA or Vision on what they plan and what they actually accomplish. It is time to get to work for the children of this city. I sat on the Delta School Board for three years and it was a rewarding experience and did so as an independent along wiht six social credit members and we collaborated and got a great deal done.
    One suggestion I have now is for the board to eliminate numerous principals by making one principal the principal of 5 schools and eliminate numerous VPs the same way. The joke goes why don’t principals look out of their office windows in the morning? Answer: if they did they would have nothing to do in the afternoon. The truth is we do not need one principal for every school.

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