New Board … New Beginnings

I attended the swearing-in of the newly minted Park Board on Monday night and left feeling with renewed hope that we will see a return to an independent park board, free of meddling by the city manager and city council.

Naturally I was thrilled to see my running mates from the NPA, John Coupar, Casey Crawford, Sarah-Kirby-Yung and Erin Shum elected however I was also elated to see my former park commish-mate, Stuart Mackinnon re-elected. While Stuart and I did not agree on all issues, I welcomed and respected his thoughtful debate and discussion on various topics our board dealt with. I don’t know Michael Wiebe but if he is anything like Stuart, we are in good shape.

If one had to pick a park commissioner from Vision Vancouver to work with, my choice would have been Catherine Evans. I don’t know Catherine well but have had an opportunity to interact with her on various issues as our boys went to the same elementary school and played sports together. I expect to see a very respectful position taken by Catherine on most issues.

I have tremendous confidence and faith in John Coupar as the new chair and look forward to him sparring with city hall on various issues.

John Coupar
(photo credit Vancouver Sun)

There is much work for this board to do … it begins with developing a sense of trust and respect with the community centre associations and getting back to what the board is there to do – that is to advocate for our parks and recreation services, not be a lap-dog for city council as the past Vision Vancouver dominated board was.

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