The New Mount Pleasant Centre

On Saturday January 16 I had the pleasure of attending the official ribbon-cutting ceremony at the new Mt. Pleasant Centre at 1 Kingsway. What a fabulous facility!

The Centre contains a community centre with a state-of-the-art fitness centre, full-size gymnasium , climbing wall and a community kitchen. In addition to a community centre, the facility also contains a library, day-care centre and market rental housing. It is really gratifying to see what can happen when you have various levels of municipal government and staff come together to create a facility that will do the residents of this neighborhood proud for many, many years to come.

However as I was sitting there listening to the speakers recognize and thank the elected officials in attendance I couldn’t help but think it’s not the current council or park board that should receive the recognition but the council and park board that were around when the tough decisions were taken.

So thank you to the following park commissioners that were elected at the time. They are:

Duncan Wilson, Chair
Laura McDiarmid
Roslyn Cassells
Allan De Genova
Clarence Hansen
Diane Ledingham
Christopher Richardson


One Response to “The New Mount Pleasant Centre”
  1. Laura McDiarmid says:

    Hi Ian:
    Thank you so much for your recognition of the commissioners that were elected when this decision was made. I would have loved to have been there. I mentioned to the former GM to let me know when the facility officially opened, however, it is unfortunate that these things get overlooked. I can remember when during my tenure as a Park Board Commissioner, we tried to invite former commissioners whenever possible, especially to events such as this that they had a hand in the decision making and were there in the beginning of the process and made the tough decisions to keep it “on track”.
    I thank you again for being so kind as to remember how the “new” Mount Pleasant Community Centre had its roots!!!
    All the best,
    Laura McDiarmid

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