How Can We Save the Conservatory and Farmyard?

…are the questions I am being asked these days.  Today my voice mail was full by 10:15am with messages from people across the city and around the province…yes, I even got a message from Smithers.  People are angry and they want to know what they can do.  Most people that called had read the article in Sunday’s issue of The Province, click here.  Note to Frank Luba…there were over 10,000 trees that came down during the windstorm…but I digress.

I am sensing a real groundswell of support but we need to tell our Mayor and Council to direct the Park Board to give staff 60 days to come up with a financially sustainable operating model for both facilities and to determine if the private sector, industry associations and/or not-for-profit socities can come up with additional funds to address operating budget shortfalls and capital funds to improve the infrastructure.

You can help by sending an e-mail to  Start a petition and bring it to the Council meeting on Dec 3rd.  Come to the Council meeting and sign-up to speak.  Your voice can make a difference.

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