Cuts to Park Board budget?

So where and what should we cut?  Much has been written in the media about the $61 million shortfall to the city’s budget.  The challenge for the park board will be to determine what the depth and breadth of the cuts to the park board budget will be.  As I stated on NW earlier this week, this will be the most challenging financial decision the board has ever faced.  The board will have to make some hard choices around what are basic requirements, real needs and added value.  In  my opinion, basic requirements are things like keeping community centres open 7 days per week and ensuring we have adequate lifeguard coverage on our beaches during the summer.  Added value is the children’s farmyard in Stanley Park.

The city’s overall annual budget is $1 billion with the park board’s annual budget coming in at $100 million or about 10%.  Keep in mind that 60% of our funding comes in the form of taxes and 40% comes from revenue the park board brings in from sources such as green fees, rent from the restaurants in our parks and parking.  My guess will be that what ever the final number is that the city is expected to save, the park board’s share will be 10%.

At this point in time I have an open mind about where the park board should go to find the savings.  My concern is that what ever we do, residents WILL feel the impact.  I feel very strongly about doing what ever we have to do to protect basic requirements like keeping community centres open.  If you have ideas about where we could go to increase revenue or reduce services that we provide, please let me know.


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  1. Aundre says:

    You’re the one with the brains here. I’m wanichtg for your posts.

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