Launch of new web site and blog

Well I guess it was only a matter of time before I created a blog to talk about Park Board and general city issues that affect us all so without a fancy launch party at some cool restaurant, welcome to the launch of my blog.

When I first got elected in 2005 I made a conscious effort to send out a newsletter to my friends and colleagues every 3 months on important park board issues.  3 months became 4 months and 4 months became 6 months and well you get my drift.  Many thanks to Ray who would take my musings and turn it into a great newsletter.  Consider this a replacement for my newsletter.

I will be using this site to comment 2-3 times per week on issues that I think the taxpayers of Vancouver need to hear about and I welcome your comments back.  Keep in my mind I have a full-time job in addition to Park Board so if my responses are a little delayed, please be patient.

On Tuesday it was announced that Susan Mundick, General Manager of the Park Board will be retiring after 11 years as General Manager with the Park Board.  Susan has worked with five Boards and has been a dynamic leader of change at the Park Board.  I had a chance to work closely with her when I was Chair in 2007 and we worked through the Stanley Park storm together.  She provided the Board with steady, sound guidance and she will leave big shoes to fill.

Retirements happen and now the Board has the task of selecting and hiring a new General Manager.  Unlike other departments within the city, the city manager will not decide who Susan’s replacement is – the decision relies solely with the Board.  While I welcome input and feedback on the process, in the end it will be the Board that decides.  I can well imagine this is going to cause some gas pains for the bureaucrats and council up on the hill at City Hall so stay tuned…

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