Speculation on Mayoral Run in 2011

Ian Robertson


The ongoing dissatisfaction with Vision Vancouver’s radical policies and Mayor Gregor Robertson’s uneven and at times arrogant positions have citizens and journalists alike speculating on who might replace Gregor Robertson in 2011. Charlie Smith of the Georgia Straight writes, “Ian Robertson is the type of middle-of-the-road, business-friendly politician who appeals to many Vancouver voters. And if Gregor shuffles off into the sunset to become NDP leader, then the NPA commish could pick up extra votes in the 2011 election…”

This comment from respected ‘Straight’ journalist Charlie Smith comes on the heels of a column written not long ago by 24hours Vancouver political heavyweight Alex G. Tsakumis, who wrote, “If (Ian’s) “cousin” Gregor can’t put a lid on the wing-nuts in Vision Vancouver, then maybe the nameplate on the door in three years will still read ‘Mayor Robertson’…it’ll just be a different Scotsman…”

There is no question that the Vision Vancouver experiment is NOT working and the people of Vancouver might be looking for a return to a more moderate, reasonable, but truly progressive voice to lead the city of Vancouver.

“I’m really flattered by all the attention but I honestly haven’t given it that much thought, although I will admit that strong supporters of Philip, Larry, Sam and surprisingly Gregor have all asked me to consider running for Mayor in 2011. There seems to be a lot of disappointment with Vision and a need to return some sanity to City Hall, there’s no doubt about that. Vision just doesn’t have a coherent plan to tackle the major issues, instead fixating on bizarre initiatives…”, says Ian. “Gregor talks a good talk, but for example, essentially shutting down the Burrard Bridge won’t help the environment when endless traffic jams will only further contribute to our carbon footprint and make feeder streets and neighbourhoods more dangerous on either side of the bridge.

And what about some real advocacy for the homeless? What about drug treatment and mental health support services for the poor and addicted on the DTES? Gregor needs to be persistent in his efforts with both Ottawa and Victoria. These were all promises that he made as a Vision mayoral candidate during the election, and he and Vision have failed us on every one of them. They don’t even have a plan–they’ve got nothing except chicken coops and tearing up the lawn at City Hall. They’re efforts are ridiculous. Someone should remind them that we are hosting the world soon, and the people of Vancouver deserve responsible civic government before during and after the Olympics. Vision Vancouver is clearly not the answer.”

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