Relax Everyone … Relax

I’ve been watching and reading with a measured level of disappointment and disgust at the negative comments heaped upon Green School Trustee Janet Fraser for her decision to support Christopher Richardson as the new Chair of the Vancouver School Board. Photo courtesy of the Vancouver Courier Let me be clear from the outset, my comments are not based on my political alignment with Christopher but... [Read more]

New Board … New Beginnings

I attended the swearing-in of the newly minted Park Board on Monday night and left feeling with renewed hope that we will see a return to an independent park board, free of meddling by the city manager and city council. Naturally I was thrilled to see my running mates from the NPA, John Coupar, Casey Crawford, Sarah-Kirby-Yung and Erin Shum elected however I was also elated to see my former park commish-mate,... [Read more]

Former Mayor, Philip Owen Endorses Ian Robertson

I fully support Ian Robertson’s candidacy for City Council. As a former Park Commissioner and Chair of the Park Board, Ian has an admirable track record of accomplishments in contributing to make Vancouver a better place to live, work and play. Philip Owen Mayor of Vancouver 1993 to 2002  Read More →

Setty Pendakur Endorses Ian Robertson for City Council

I am pleased to endorse Ian Robertson for election to City Council of Vancouver. Ian previously served as elected Vancouver Park Commissioner (2005-11) and as Chair in 2006. During this time, Ian was instrumental in developing strong community connections and assisted the network of community centre associations in achieving their goals. I worked with him then, particularly during the Olympics period,... [Read more]

Another Endorsement for Ian Robertson

Ian Robertson is smart, level-headed and hard-working. He would make a great councillor, combining his business, community and park board experience with his genuine care for the community. I heartily support him. Peter Ladner Former City Councillor  Read More →